Beef Chow Fun(Pan-Fried Rice Noodles)

beef chow fun-pan fried rice noodles

 Beef chow fun(pan-fried wide rice noodles) is one of my favorite Cantonese dishes. It is considered as a snack or sometimes a staple food and one of the most basic Cantonese he fun dishes. Hefen (sometimes called as ho fun)used in this beef chow fun recipe is a kind of band rice noodles or wide rice noodles popular in southern china especially in Guangdong province. I fall I love it when I firstly had a small bowl of he fun soup. And this stir fry he fun with beef, onion, bean sprout and … [Continue reading...]

Bok Choy and Mushroom

mushroom and Bok Choy-6th

Braised mushroom and Bok Choy It is a little bit difficult for me to name this dish because I cannot name it neither from the cooking method nor from the taste. But anyway, this is a super easy and healthy dish for ordinary home cooking and also for parties due to the appearance. Bok Choy is a healthy food loved by people around the world. It usually has a sweet and fresh taste, while shitake mushroom provides a strong taste via the soft and thick texture. In this recipe, I call … [Continue reading...]

Portuguese Egg Tart Recipe

Portuguese Egg Tart Recipe

Egg tart is the short name of egg custard tart. Homemade yummy Portuguese egg tart with egg tart wrapper recipe and custard filling recipe. I have been waiting…

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Pan-fried Wonton

pan-fried wonton

Pan-fried pork wonton with black sesame and green onion; I make lots of wonton recipes for my family and mostly, they are served as soups. Last weekend, my…

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Szechuan Fried Rice

Szechuan Fried Rice|ChinaSichuanFood

Szechuan style vegan fried rice When I was still a little girl, my grandmother grew lots of vegetables and plants. She had hard tasks every day so sometimes…

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Chinese Potato Pancake

Chinese potato pancake

Super easy Chinese crispy potato pancake If you love potato, try this potato pancake. If you hat potato, you should try this too because you might fall in…

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Hawthorn Jam Recipe

hawthorn Jam recipe

Healthy hawthorn jam is so perfect for breakfast or braised dishes. Have you ever heard of hawthorn berry? This small good looking fruit is extremely loved by Chinese…

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Chinese Pumpkin Cake

Chinese pumpkin cake

Crispy Chinese pumpkin cake used to be a yummy dessert for holidays. Those lovely and colorful little cakes are deep-fried in order to get a crispy surface. However…

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Chinese Mongolian Beef

scallion beef stir fry-Chinese Mongolian Beef

There is a saying that Mongolian beef (葱爆牛肉)is a Chinese-American creation. In fact, it is a real Chinese dish but the name is different. Stir-frying meat with scallion…

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Black Sesame Paste/Soup

black sesame soup/paste

Healthy black sesame soup or paste This is an old fashioned Chinese dessert—black sesame soup or black sesame paste. Black sesame is considered to be healthy especially for…

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