Pickled Mustard Green Recipe

pickled mustard green recipe

Chinese pickled mustard green is quite similar to Vietnam dưa chua is a featured ingredients in many Chinese cuisine especially in Sichuan cuisine. In Szechuan cuisine, pickled vegetables are hidden stars. They are not as famous as Kung pao chicken, twice cooked pork or Mapo tofu, but they are side ingredients for many yummy dishes like Szechuan boiled fish with pickled vegetables. When I was still a child, my grandmother grew several different types of mustards including this mustard … [Continue reading...]

Szechuan Shrimp Recipe-Pen Pen Shrimp

szechuan shrimp-pen pen shrimp

This is the most representative Szechuan shrimp recipe—PenPen shrimp. If you ever visited any places in Sichuan province, you might be shocked by how many chili peppers are in some main dishes like Szechuan style chicken, Szechuan boiled fish. There are two Chinese cuisines featured by the amount of chili peppers used. One is Sichuan cuisine and the other is Hunan cuisine, which is originated in Hunan and Hubei province, but also quite popular across the whole country too. Then you may … [Continue reading...]

Chinese Steamed Chicken Recipe

steamed chicken recipe

Chinese steamed chicken with ginger and green onion. I have made this steamed chicken recipe several times this summer. Steaming is a really popular cooking method in every…

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Spicy White Radish Salad

spicy white radish salad

15 minutes Chinese Spicy White Radish Salad with sesame oil, black vinegar and dried chili powder . White radish is compared as ginseng in vegetable family in Chinese…

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Bitter Melon Juice

bitter melon juice-

Healthy bitter Melon Juice with apple and lemon water. Bitter melon is a really popular ingredient in Asian countries. It is the vegetable I both love and hate….

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(Szechuan Eggplant) Yu Xiang Eggplant

Szechuan eggplants--Yu Xiang Eggplants

Szechuan eggplants–Yu Xiang Eggplant. One of the representatives of Sichuan cuisine is Sichuan eggplant, or  Yu Xiang Qie Zi(鱼香茄子in Chinese). “鱼香” actually means Fish-Fragrant, is a kind of…

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Braised Beef Noodle Soup

Red Braised Beef Noodle Soup |ChinaSichuanFood

Sichuan style red-braised beef noodle soup, although not so famous as Taiwan red braised beef noodle soup outside China, is still the top noodle dishes within the country….

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