Chinese Hot Pot e-Cookbook

Chinese hot pot e-cookbook

A master guide to Chinese hot pot including soup base, raw ingredients preparation, dipping sauces and tips.


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Hi, I am Elaine.

The writer, recipe developer and photographer of this little blog introducing Chinese recipes. As a foodie, I am a big fan of hot pot (火锅 in Chinese). I love to taste different types of hot pot and reproduce them at home. Homemade hot pot dinner is always my top choices especially for social gathering.

Inside the book

Chinese hot pot cookbookIn this e-cookbook(PDF format), Elaine will guide you through all the steps of making yummy hot pot dinners at home. You can expect

  • basic stocks for hot pot (creamy white and clear stock)
  • 9 traditional hot pot soup bases
  • spicy and numb dry pot
  • charming braised hot pot
  • how to pick and prepare raw ingredients
  • how to make appealing dipping sauces
  • healthy tips for homemade hot pot dinner

Following pictures are some of the final hot pot dish, they are served either as a family dinner or for a social gathering.


What’s included

Hot Pot Cookbook Contents

In most of the recipe sections, Elaine brings photos of important steps and unfamiliar ingredients to help you going through the process easily. Tips for choosing ingredients and dipping sauces usually are also included in recipe page.

Chinese hot pot cookbook

hot pot ingredients list


Free bonus

An ingredient preparation list is also attached, as it may help to make the process much easier and well-arranged. You can firstly pick the ideal soup base, print the ingredient and recipe sections out from the e-cookbook and prepare the raw ingredients by checking them on the list.

The e-cookbook and ingredient preparation list are now available as PDF, easy to print and read on computers, phones and pads.

Want to make yummy and diverse hot pot dinner at home?? Get your copy and start today!

we offer a 30 days money back guarantee.

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Thank You

Thanks for taking time to check this hot pot e-cookbook and being involved with Elaine in my little space on the internet. Please help Elaine to spread the cookbook to hot pot lover around you. Happy cooking!