Do you love wontons and egg drop soup? Have you ever thought about combining the lovely wonton and fairy egg drop soup? It is a super comforting, warming, and delicious soup that you can serve as any meal of the day. Let’s make a wonton egg drop soup.

wonton and egg drop soup|

Wontons have been a staple in Chinese, the same with dumplings or potstickers. With their delicate thin wrappers and savory fillings, we love wontons for any meal and occasion.

Egg drop soup is a popular Chinese-style soup with ribboned egg liquid.

When combined, wontons and egg drop soup offer the ideal harmony of tastes and textures. While the egg drop soup offers a delicate and light touch, the wontons add a delicious meatiness to the dish. I love this combination!

wonton and egg drop soup|

Cooking tips

Wontons: though using frozen dumplings is an option, I will suggest making them on your own to get fresh flavor.

Soup broth: you can use clear stock like chicken or pork stock for this recipe. Or simply water if no stock by hand.

How to fold wontons

Let’s begin with making fresh wontons.

  • Lay a wonton wrapper on one hand, then place about 1 teaspoon of filling in the center.
  • Dip your finger in the water and moisten the edges of the wrapper. This will help seal the wonton.
  • Fold the wrapper in half to form a triangle, pressing firmly on the edges to seal. Make sure no air is trapped inside. Pull the two bottom corners of the triangle together and press to seal.

This method is best for wontons cooked in soups. If you need more tips and techniques about how to fold wontons in different ways, check here.

Step by Step of Wonton Egg Drop Soup

  1. Cook the Wontons – Bring around 500 ml water to boiling in a small pot, then place the wontons in and cook for 4 to 5 minutes until the wontons are well cooked.

Note: if you are using frozen wonton, add around 1/2 cup of cold water in two batches. Adding cold water can help to make evenly cooked wontons just like the method we used in boiled dumplings.

wonton and egg drop soup|

2. Prepare a bowl of sauce for the broth: Add white pepper, light soy sauce, scallion oil sesame oil, and a very small pinch of salt in a serving bowl. Then strain and transfer the wonton to the serving bowl.

wonton and egg drop soup|

3. Make the egg drop soup: Add whisked egg liquid, and stir gently to get the flower egg drop flower. Pour in the egg drop soup to cooked wontons.

wonton and egg drop soup|

4. Combine egg drop soup and the wonton: Pour the egg drop soup into the serving bowls and let’s our finished wonton egg drop soup.

wonton and egg drop soup|

About cornstarch

You may notice that in many other egg drop soup recipes like tomato egg drop soup or basic chicken stock egg drop soup, we always use cornstarch to thicken the soup base so the egg drops can spread and hold the shape.

But I don’t use it in this recipe. Egg drop soup without cornstarch is also popular in China because it is lighter and fresher. Without the influence of the starch, the taste can be stronger.

So I highly recommend this one as the wontons are quite large and we don’t pursue evenly cooking for this particular one.

If you prefer a thicker version: mix 2 tablespoons of cornstarch with another 2 tablespoons of water. Then pour the mixture in the soup base after removing the cooked wonton.

wonton and egg drop soup|

wonton and egg drop soup|

Wonton Egg Drop Soup

Wonton egg drop soup is a comforting and delicious soup base
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Servings: 2
Calories: 226kcal
Author: Elaine


Wontons filling

  • ½ cup minced pork
  • 1 thumb ginger
  • 2 scallions
  • 1 tbsp. vegetable oil
  • ½ tsp. oyster sauce
  • 1 tsp. soy sauce
  • 1 tsp. sesame oil
  • ¼ tsp. salt
  • ½ egg whisked


  • ¼ tsp. salt
  • dashes of white pepper
  • 1 green onion chopped
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tsp. sesame oil
  • 1 ½ egg whisked


Make Wonton Filling

  • Take a medium-sized bowl. Add the filling ingredients into the bowl (minced pork, finely chopped ginger, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, salt. Combine everything well. Then add egg liquid in. Continue stirring.
  • Place chopped scallion and pour hot oil on the scallion to improve the aroma. Stir continously in one direction until the filling becomes fluffy and white.

Wrap the wontons

  • Lay a wonton wrapper flat over your hand, as shown in the picture. Add one teaspoon of filling in the middle of the wrapper.
  •  Dip fingers in a little water and rub them around the edges of the wrapper. This will help the Wonton wrapper to stay sealed. Now, fold the wrapper in half to make a triangular shape, ensuring the edges do not overlap perfectly. Take the help of the reference picture to get an idea.
  • Press the edges together to seal them tight, ensuring the fold is perfect and leaf-proof. Before giving it the shape of a wonton, ensure the wrapper is placed correctly over your hand. The pointed edge should be placed facing toward you.
  • Hold the wrapper from either side with both hands. Fold one edge inside. Repeat the same with the other edge such that both edges do not overlap to form a wonton shape. Repeat to finish all the wontons.

Seasoning the soup broth

  • Add sesame oil, soy sauce, white pepper and a pinch of salt in serving bowls.
  • Now, put a pan half filled with water over high heat. Once the water starts boiling, add in all the wontons prepared above. Let them simmer for 5 minutes while stirring them gently in between. Once cooked, transfer to serving bowls.
  • Leave the soup and then pour the whisked egg in.
  • Now transfer the soup to the cooked wontons. Sprinkle chopped scallion and serve hot.


Calories: 226kcal | Carbohydrates: 2g | Protein: 15g | Fat: 17g | Saturated Fat: 6g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 3g | Monounsaturated Fat: 7g | Trans Fat: 0.02g | Cholesterol: 200mg | Sodium: 1012mg | Potassium: 246mg | Fiber: 0.3g | Sugar: 0.5g | Vitamin A: 301IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 39mg | Iron: 2mg

Variations of egg drop soup

Chinese egg drop soup is enjoyed worldwide, with a few variations. It’s called an egg drop soup, as the cooking process involves dropping the scrambled eggs into the hot soup broth. If you have been to Asia or any Chinese restaurants, you must have come across egg drop soup on their menu.

The best part about egg drop soup is that it is easy to modify. Besides the egg drop, the soup broth can be modified by adding different ingredients like tofu, scallions, peas, tomatoes, and whatever you like.

Following are some of the other egg drop soup recipes we recommend you try:

  1. Corn egg drop soup: this is a sweet egg drop soup with sweet corn.
  2. Chinese seaweed egg drop soup: Chinese seaweed soup is a delicious and healthy soup made with Chinese seaweed, which is a dried seaweed called Zicai (紫菜), eggs, dried small shrimp, and scallions.
  3. Tomato egg drop soup: This version is simmered with fried tomatoes. It has a light sour taste that makes it different from other types.


Although wonton and egg drop are two different Chinese foods, they can combine and transfer into something really interesting and delicious.

On a cold winter morning, one bowl of wonton egg drop soup is super comforting and healthy.

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