Types of Mushrooms for Cooking


I love to cook mushrooms in various types of dishes and cuisines. And eating mushrooms are a good habit for your healthy. When I was little, living with my grandmother, we usually ate wild mushrooms on the mountains behind our house. However, eating wild mushroom has becomes just a kind of memory now but I continue to cook them in my modern kitchen.

Generally there are different types of mushrooms for cooking and eating. I will introduce the most popular members in Chinese cuisine.  Editable mushrooms are considered to be beneficial to improve the improve immunity, reducing sputum, expel toxin and anti cancer.

Generally we use both fresh editable mushrooms and also dried goods.

Firstly the white mushrooms

White mushrooms are purely white and quite delicious. They are dedicatedly planted and can use in various recipes. There are many types included in this type. The firstly type is called button mushrooms, which can usually be used for baking, stir-frying and soup. This types of mushroom has an appearance just link button thus get the name button mushrooms. I love to use button mushrooms to cook fish soup in order to add the fresh taste.

picture of button mushrooms

The second type of white mushroom usually appear in kitchen is oyster mushrooms which has large and thin fruit bodies and are the ideal ingredients for barbecuing and making soup.


Chicken leg mushroom Chicken leg mushroom (Coprinus comatus) is also a type of white mushroom which contain rich carbohydrate with the functions of enhancing the immunity, reducing blood sugar, anti-tumor and anti-cancer and so on. Previously I do not use chicken leg mushroom very much until I found the delicious tastes bought by the shredded chicken leg mushroom. It can also be used in soups and baking recipes.

Tree mushrooms Tree mushrooms (Agrocybe Cylindracea) is a type of mushroom in light yellowish-brown. The protein content ratio is around 19.55% with 18 types of amino acids. Besides, it also contains rich Vitamin B and mineral element like sodium calcium magnesium iron and zinc. So it would be also the ideal ingredients for children.

Tee tree mushroom recipe–Chicken Mushroom Soup

Needle mushroom

Needle mushroom is in the color of light golden yellow. That’s why it is also called golden needle mushroom. Fresh needle mushrooms are mainly used in stir-fry recipes, dressing recipes and hot pot. Since needle mushroom contains 8.87% of protein and 7.4% of coarse fibre, it is considered to be one of the ideal ingredients to reduce and prevent ulcer

Shitake mushroom

Shitake mushroom is a type of mushroom with darker color. And in Traditional Chinese Medicine, shitake mushrooms are considered to be one member of the black ingredients which are beneficial to kidney. The taste of shitake mushroom is also quite unique and thus it is usually used as side ingredients in stir-fry recipes. The dry goods of shitake mushroom are the best side ingredients of chicken soups. And there is a famous Chinese soup dish: little chicken soup with mushrooms wherein the mushrooms refer to dried shitake mushrooms.

Straw mushroom

The feature of straw mushroom is that it contains rich vitamin C which can promote the body’s metabolism and help to expel the toxin. It can combine with toxin such as lead (containing in many cosmetics) and further expel them out. Thus it is a good diet for diabetic. Straw mushrooms are suitable for stir-fry and soup. Please control the soak time no matter fresh or dried goods. I love to eat stir-fry straw mushrooms with oyster sauce.  The oyster sauce can help to activate the nature faint of straw mushrooms. And additionally, it is really time-saving recipe. For more details, you can check  straw mushroom in oyster sauce 

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